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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

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shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Mishnayot LexiLine? Logo Emeq HaMelekh

LexiLine - A Renaissance in Learning

The Mishnayot
Emeq HaMelekh
[The Valley of the King(s)]

An Account of the Hiding of the Tabernacle
and of the Hiding of the Ark of the Covenant
[A list of these and other treasures is arguably found
on the Qumran Copper Scroll.]

The Mishnah is the first section of the Talmud,
a collection of ancient Rabbinic writings
including also the Gemara "the summary".

But there is another
Mishnaic source
referred to by Vendyl Jones:

"In 1992 Rabbi Rachmael Steinburg...
and his student, Rabbi Mendel Tropper,
began to search for sources
 that could shed light on "the other records".

  [regarding the Copper Scroll]
"They found another source for
and reference to "the records"
 in a book published in Amsterdam, Holland
 in the year 1648.

It was written by
 Rabbi Naftali (ben Elchanan) Hertz.
 The work was entitled Emeq HaMelekh
("Valley of the King") ...

Rabbi Hertz calls these records Mishnayot,
and included them in the introduction to his text

The Mishnayot contains a detailed account
of the hiding of specific Hebrew treasures,
including, as we shall see,
Ark of the Covenant
as shown in LexiLine pages by Andis Kaulins,
was unknowingly found as King Tut's Treasure
in the Tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter.


Text of the
"Emeq HaMelekh" [Valley of the King(s)]
Rabbi Naftali (Ben Ya'acov Elchanan) Hertz
 in the Hebrew year 5408 (1648 c.e.)

[LexiLine comments to the original are addded in red text and red brackets]

The text of the Mishnayot follows immediately after this line.

These Mishnayot ["Records"]
were written
by five righteous men.
They are:
Shimur the Levite,
Chaggai the Prophet
and Zechariah,
son of Ido the Prophet.

They concealed the vessels of the Temple
and the wealth of the treasures
that were in Jerusalem
which will not be discovered
until the day of the coming of Mashiach,
son of David
 speedily in our times,
Amen, and so it will be.

[Note: We think the 1st Jerusalem,
Jeru-Salem meaning "new city"
anciently referred to was 
Heliopolis, Giza, Per Ramses
location of Solomon's 1st Temple, not the 2nd,
the 2nd being located in Israel of course]

Mishnah 1

These are the vessels dedicated and concealed
when the Temple was destroyed:
The Tabernacle and the Curtain, the Holy Menorah,
the Ark of Testimony [Covenant], the golden forehead Nameplate,
the golden crown of Aharon the Cohen,
the Breastplate of Judgment, the silver Trumpets, the Cherubim,
and the Altar of burnt offerings, the Curtain of the Communion Tent,
the forks and the bread molds, the Table [of the Showbread],
the Curtain of the Gate, the Copper Altar, the sacred garments
of Aharon which were worn by the Cohen HaGadol (High Priest) on
the Day of Atonement, Pa'amonim (bells) and Rimonim (pomegranates)
on the hem of the robe [of the Cohen Gadol],
the holy vessels that Moses made on Mount Sinai by the command
of the Holy One, the Staff, and the Jar of the Manna.

[Almost all of these were found intact in the Tomb of Tutankhamun]

Mishnah 2

These are the holy vessels and the vessels of the Temple
that were in Jerusalem and in every place.
They were inscribed by Shimur HaLevi and his companions,
on a "Luach Nehoshet" (Copper Plate),
[Note: th is surely the Copper Scroll]
with all the Vessels
of the Holy of Holies that Shlomo son of David made.
And together with Shimur were Hizkiyahu, Zidkiyah,
Haggai the Prophet, and Zechariah, son of Berachiah,
son of Ido the Prophet.

Mishnah 3
[Note: The numbers used in the Mishnayot were somehow misread
over the millennia by 1 power of a thousand,
so - below - just remove 3 zeros to get the right amount]

These are the Vessels that were taken by (buried in) the ground:
the locking rods, the pegs, the boards, the rings, the standing pillars
of the courtyard. These are the Vessels: 1,200,000 silver Mizrakot
(sacrificial basins); 50,000 Mizrakot of fine gold;
600,000 (?) of fine gold, and 1,200,000 of silver.

These five [men] inscribed [wrote] these Mishnayot in Babylon
[this is the Babylonian captivity after the hiding of all things]
 together with the other prophets that were with them,
including Ezra the Cohen, the Scribe.

Mishnah 4
[Note: Again, the large numbers have been misread by 1 power of a thousand,
so just remove 3 zeros to get the right amount. This error is seen in the
calculation of the value of the Margaliot, showing there were only ca. 2000
bread molds and not 2000000.

Of the Levites, 130 were killed and 100 escaped with Shimur HaLevi
and his companions.These [men] concealed 500,000 trays of fine gold,
and 1,200,000 of silver; 500,000 bread molds of fine gold, and 1,200,000
of silver. On each of the molds, there were 5 Margaliot (pearls?)
[margaliot = Latvian mirgot, mirdzaloti "shine, shiny, sparkling, glitter"]
and 2 precious gem stones. The value of each precious stone was
100 talents of gold, and the total value of all the Margaliot was
200,000 talents of gold. There were also 36 golden Trumpets.
All of these were hidden and concealed in a tower in the land of Babylon,
in the great city called Bagdat. [There was also a 7-branched] Menorah
of fine gold, [worth] 100,000 [talents], with 7 lamps on each [branch],
26 precious gem stones on each Menorah, each Margalit (pearl? gem?)
priceless, and between every gem stone, 200 [smaller] stones,
also priceless.

Mishnah 5

There were 77 tables of gold, and gold [hangings] from the walls
of the Garden of Eden that was revealed to Shlomo. Their radiance was
like the brilliance of the sun and the moon that shine above the world.
And all the silver and gold that ever existed in the world, from the six
days of creation until the day that Zidkiyahu became king, did not
equal the value of the gold that was overlaid on the Temple from within
and from without. There is no end, no measure, no set amount, and no
weighing of the gold that overlaid the Temple and the face of the Temple.

All this, plus another 7,000 talents of gold, were brought and concealed
in the "Segel Habar" (?) with precious stones with which the Temple
was built, besides 3 rows of priceless stones and one row of Almogim
(coral?) trees. [Of] the three rows of priceless stones, the length of each
row was 7 cubits, and width 5 cubits, established by David. The length
of one Margalit (pearl? gem? building stone?) was 10 cubits. David
prepared all of these for the Great House (Temple), for Shlomo, his son.

Mishnah 6
[Note: The large numbers have been misread by 1 power of a thousand,
so just remove 3 zeros to get the right amount]

The number of stones was 36,000,
the same as the number of gem stones.
From all these
[cutting gems] the Temple was built.
There were also three-plus-one rows of Almogim trees,
overlaid with fine gold and placed in the building.
All those were hidden
from Nebuchadnezzar
[= Shishak = Ramses III]
by the fittest [men] of Israel. The Almogim shine
like the brilliance of the firmament (sky).

Mishnah 7
[Note: Also here, the large numbers have been misread by 1 power of a thousand,
so remove 3 zeros to get the right amount]
The counting of precious stones, Margaliot gems, silver, and gold
that King David dedicated to the Great Temple was:
1,000,000 talents of silver, 100,000 talents of gold
and trees made of "Parvaim Gold" which bore fruit,
600,000 talents of fine gold from beneath the Tree of Life in the holy Garden.
All these were revealed to Hilkiyah the Scribe, who gave them into
the safekeeping of the angel Shimshiel to guard until King David arises,
to whom he will hand over the silver and gold, including the gold that
Shlomo contributed, and the talents of gold and priceless precious stones.
All these were concealed, hidden, and safeguarded from the army of the
Chaldeans in a place called Borseef
[Borseef = Bahr Yusef near Fayyum - or -  is Abu Simbel = Beer es Sebua].

Mishnah 8

There were 7 golden Curtains that contained 12,000 talents of gold.
There were 12,000 garments of the Levites with their belts,
and the Ephod (vest) and Meil (robe) of the Cohen Gadol which he wore
when he performed the Temple service. In addition, there were 70,000
garments worn by the Cohanim, with their belts, their turbans,
and their pants. David made all of these for them to atone for Israel.
And the fittest [men] of Israel took them secretly, as they had been
instructed. All this service-gear was [concealed] until the future
to atone for Israel [in the end of days].

Mishnah 9

David [also] made 1,000 lyres and 7,000 harps to atone for Israel.
He had Zilzalim (cymbals) for singing, extolling, thanksgiving, and
praising the God of Israel which were handed down to him from
Moses, from Sinai. The words, "From beneath the legs of the
Throne of Glory, sapphire stone, in the likeness of the Throne"
(cf. Exodus 24:10), were inscribed upon them.

The lyres were made of Almugim wood, overlaid with fine gold,
with 8 stones on each lyre, carried by the clouds, the demons and
the spirits that were under Shlomo's dominion. On each lyre was
a bell of "Nehoshet Kalal" (burnished copper) from before the
Throne of Glory, together with a priceless, precious stone that
Moses quarried on Mount Sinai from under the Throne of Glory
which was upon the Sapphire Stone. All these were hidden and
concealed in "Ein Zidkiyah" that the fittest
[men] of Israel knew
in secret, lest they fall, God forbid, into the hands of the enemy
who hated Israel. For these vessels are not to be used except to
atone for Israel. Baruch ben Neriah and Zidkiyahu thus concealed
them to prevent the Chaldeans from using them, God forbid.

They hid them until the day when Israel will  return to their former
stature and reclaim
[eternal] honor and wordly glory, and they
find a man whose name is David, son of David. The silver and
gold shall then be unearthed to him, when all Israel shall gather
and make a complete Aliyah (ascent) to Jerusalem. Amen.

Mishnah 10
[Note: The numbers have been misread by 1 power of a thousand,
so just remove 3 zeros to get the right amount]

These are the weights of silver concealed at "Ein Kahal"
by Baruch and
Zidkiyah: 1,200,000 talents of silver, 1,600,000 of fine silver.
vessels: 2,000,000 pots of fine copper, and 1,100,000 of iron;
[Countless] Shefatim (type of pot) without Metzukim (ladles) and
copper Metzukim around the copper gate; countless Cherubim;
countless copper sinks/lavers; 3,000 frying pans of fine gold;
70 priceless tables of fine gold from beneath the Tree of Life
standing in the holy Garden, upon which were placed the Showbread.
Golden Shekamim (type of tree) with all manner of delicacies
hanging from them. They are all made of refined gold which
David, King of Israel, refined. All those were concealed by Zidkiyah.

Mishnah 11

Treasures of gold and silver [stored away] from the days of David until
Zidkiyah and until Israel was exiled to Babylon: Hundreds of thousands
of golden shields, and countless silver [shields]; 1,353,000 precious
stones and fine stones. All of these were hidden and concealed in the
wall of Babylon and in Tel Bruk under the big willow tree in Babylon
upon which they hung their lyres (cf. Psalm 137:2). And from the
House of the Forest of Lebanon (i.e. the Temple), they took
1,900,000 Korin (measures) of gold. All the prophets, wise men, and
scribes [in the world] could not calculate the wealth and the glory
that was in Jerusalem.

Mishnah 12

Hiluk, son of Shimur HaLevi, was given twelve more precious stones in
order to hide them so that they could
[eventually] be restored to the
 [of Israel]. The names of the Tribes were engraved on them,
and they shone on the Tribe's heads, excellent and precious, one more
than the other. No king, prophet, or anyone else knew where they were
hidden, excepting Hiluk, son of Shimur HaLevi. The remainder of the
wealth and glory that was in Jerusalem was taken by angel Shimshiel.

Shimur, Hiluk, and their companions, the Levites, later went and
showed it to Michael and Gavriel. All Israel concealed the Vessels
until a righteous king arises over Israel. What's more, they all swore
a solemn vow never to reveal the whereabouts of these vessels until
David, son of David, arises. All silver, gold, and Margaliot (precious stones)
which was ever hidden away will be handed over to him when
the exiles of Israel will be gathered from the four ends of the earth,
and they ascend with greatness and exaltation to the land of Israel.

At that time, a great river will issue forth from the Holy of Holies
of the Temple. Its name is Gihon, and it will flow to the great and
dreadful desert, and become mixed with the Euphrates River.
Immediately, all the Vessels will float up and be revealed."

- End -

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Copper Scroll


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