The Tabernacle
of the Lord
The Outer Shrine - Shrine 1



Shrine I of Tutankhamun's tomb is 2.7 meters high,
including the top above the frames.
The same measuring stick (a span = half-a-cubit)
applies here as to the Mercy Seat.
The dimensions of Shrine I correspond as follows
to the dimensions given in the Bible
for the Tabernacle of the Lord.

If a full cubit were meant in the Bible, the Tabernacle
would be 5.4 meters high.

The ratio of width to length
of Shrine I of the Tabernacle is  1 to 1.5

(i.e. 3.3 meters to 5 meters).

Given the breadth of the frames as 1 "cubit" and a half,
this means that 10 and not 20 frames
made a side, and six frames made the end,
whereas 8 frames made up the doors to the front.

(This can be seen in subsequent pictures of Tut's Shrine).

.The 5 bars across the frames to all sides will also be seen.

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The Ark of the Covenant
by Andis Kaulins

All Graphics are from the Treasure of the Tomb of Tut-ankh-amun
Which was the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant
as found by Howard Carter,
the hiding of which is described in the