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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Many researchers have acknowledged the great age of the Latvian Dainas.
Herder and Goethe used them for inspiration. Hermanis Rathfelders showed
that by content some of them predate the milling of grain.

Latvian Daians have been numbered by Barons and other researchers.
Latvian Daina No. 1162-0
sings of the dung beetle (scarabaeus) rotating the ball of the Sun,

just as in the Pharaonic Egyptian pantheon:

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Es atradu vabolīti

I found the scarab beetle

Mēslienā rotajot

(in) the dung (ball) rotating

There is a complete "heavenly family" in the Dainas
preceding Christianity by millennia
These astronomical verses are very ancient.

The heaven is divided into fields
and fenced enclosures (Daina 54992)

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Tai mazai sētiņai

The small field

Treji varti atvērami

Has three gates openable

Pa vieniem Saule lec

  In one the Sun rises

Pa otriem menestiņis

In the other the Moon

Pa trešiem Tautas dzin

In the third THOTH drives

Savus bērus pieguļā

His steeds to night-watch

Dainas 3360, 54665, 54642, 55917, 33654, 34067
tell us that God rides a horse
saddled with the stone of heaven (pole star).

The four corners of Heaven are referred to in DAINA 54913
which exists in 3 versions in Latgallian dialect
(which accounts for the strange orthography).

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Galdeņam četri styūri

Heaven's table has four corners

Visi četri vajadzeigi

All four are necessary

Iz pirmuo saule lēce

At the first, the sun rises

Uz utruo nuritē

At the other, it sets

Iz trešuo Laima sēd

At the third, Laima sits

Iz caturtuo svāta Muora

At the fourth, holy Muora

That a "heavenly" table marked the Latvian pantheon
is verified in hundreds of verses, e.g. DAINA 34031

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Celies agri, Saules
[variant "TAUTU"] meita

Rise early, daughter of the Sun
[Tautu= "of the people" [Pharaonic THOTH]

Mazgā baltu liepa galdu

Wash the white table of the linden tree

Rītu nāks Dieva deli

In the morn the Sons of God will come

Zeltābolu ritinat
[variant "LIEPU"]

To rotate the golden apple tree
[linden tree]

Daina 55343 locates the heavenly Mara astronomically:

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Dieviņš sēd kalniņā

 God sits on the mountain (hill)

Zobentiņš rociņā

With a sword in his hand

Svetā Marija zāles lasa

Holy Mara / / Maria
collects the falling grass (blossoms) 

Zobentiņa galiņā

At the tip of the sword

This all takes place at the heavenly tree (German Irminsul).

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Dzirdu Dieva izcērtot

 [I] heard God cutting

Dieva dēlu dzenājot

Driving God“s son[s]

Pate Dievu neredzēju

God himself I did not see

Aiz deviņām kļavas lapām

Behind the 9 maple leaves

This "tree of heaven" is quite large, running down to Orion,
and has a belt of three layers [or stars], the Belt of Orion.

This we see from DAINA 34159:

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Trim kārtām zelta josta

The golden belt has three layers

Ap resno ozoliņu

Around the fat [giant] oak

Ne tam līda svina lode

No lead plumb touched it

Ne tērauda zobeniņis

Nor any sword of steel

[For ancient iron, etc., see
Ancient Metals.]


The 3-Times around the wheel of Heaven
is an ancient ritual on the threshing floor

in the heavenly context, around the the heavenly millstone.
We see this in the 1st dynasty Egyptian sources.

DAINA 55348 - the heavenly driver going thrice around the threshing floor
with the stake as presumably the pole star -- and the thrice around comparable to the Hebrew 3 x 360 = 1080 halakim

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Caurējs brauc ar cauriem ratiem

The driver drives his wheels

Trīs reiz apkārt piedarbam

Thrice around the threshing floor

Iebrauc vidū, nostājas

Drives in the middle and stops

Dzīvs uz mieta nodūras

And holds [is impaled] on the stake

THE 30-hour DAY and the BERU of the Babylonians

The 30 hours of the day as in the Babylonian beru
were the 30 horses viz. "gates" of the sun (see below)

The heavenly steeds are found in DAINA 34026

Latvian Daina

English Translation

Vakar Saule sasegloja

Yesterday the Sun saddled

Trīsdesmit kumeliņu

30 horses (steeds)

Vai būs jel Ausekļam

Will the "Morning Star"

Trīsdesmit jājējiņu?

Have 30 riders?

Dainas at lexi54, lexi99 , lexi197 and lexi200

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