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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Hydra - See the figure inside?

Great Wall LexiLine? Logo China Image
LexiLine - A Renaissance in Learning

Represents the Milky Way - The Jade Dragon of Heaven
Copyright © 2002 by Andis Kaulins

As discovered by Andis Kaulins,
The Great Wall of China represents the Milky Way.


The two crossing points of the Milky Way at the Ecliptic
appear to be the traditional two ends of the Great Wall in China
(the original wall of tamped mud and rock may have been longer
in the tail in ancient days). This Dragon is evidenced in archaeology
as the East AND West Dragon as marked on the walls
of the tomb at Zhangye, discovered in April, 2000.

This theory of the hermetic relation between the Great Wall and
Heaven does not deny that the Great Wall may have been used for
military defense purposes in later periods, but it is asserted that
defense was not its initial purpose, since most of the terrain north
of the Great Wall is barren, desolate and unpopulated.

Rather, the Great Wall may have developed through ancient travel
along what is later known as the Silk Road (Silk Route), where
travelers needed safe orientation to cross vast expanses of waterless
desert and wastelend without losing their way.

Possible is that there was first a use of astronomy and the stars to
mark a safe route. This probably resulted in the subsequent making of
landmarks by means of that very same astronomy - perhaps long mounds
of tamped earth and rock along which travelers were to journey.

Later, these constructions, over thousands of years, were then
extended along China to the sea, perfected by the Chinese people and
made into the wondrous Great Wall of China which we see today.

To understand Chinese astronomy and philosophy as embodied in the
Great Wall, the following site e.g. is a primer of information:

Here is a sample text from that pdf document:
"The Terrestrial Storehouse: The magical treasures of Chinese antiquity were understood to have a bipartite existence, one half being placed on earth and the other existing in heaven. Possession of the terrestrial half enables one to summon the celestial half and thus through the union of heaven and earth to cause renewal." [LexiLine note: This is the unification of the two lands in Egypt.]

Hermetic Geodetics (Survey) around the World

The terrestrial hermetic principle of
"as in heaven, so on earth" viz. "as on earth, so in heaven"
is not unique to China, but is also found elsewhere in the world.
An excellent source discussing hermetic geodetics (land measure) is found at

The Forbidden City and the Hermetic Principle

The Hermetic Principle is firmly established in Chinese history.
As is written at the site of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing at
[Designed and Maintained by Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing
Government and Chinadotcom Corp. Copyright: Foreign Affairs Office of
the People's Government of Beijing Municipality]

"What is more interesting is that many details in the Forbidden City
have symbolic meanings that reflect Chinese culture in one way or another.

The name "purple forbidden city" itself is associated with
ancient Chinese philosophy and astrology. The Chinese advocated a
mutual sensing between man and heaven or the integration of man and
heaven. So, the structure of the Forbidden City is patterned after
the legendary Heavenly Palace. Ancient Chinese astrologers divided
the constellation into three parts, which were surrounded by 28
stars. Among them, the Purple Forbidden Enclosure (polar star) was
thought to be in the center of the heaven, the center of all stars.
Purple in the name refers to the star, meaning that the imperial
court was the center of man under heaven. "Forbidden" refers to the
living of the imperial family, which was deemed to have supreme
dignity that cannot be encroached upon.

In the palace complex, there are 9,999 rooms, and each gate has
nine bronze nails. The number was associated with the knowledge about
numbers possessed by the ancients. Ancients thought that "9" was the
biggest, and since the emperor was the greatest among people, the
number "9" is used correspondingly. In Chinese, "9" is pronounced
like the word meaning "everlasting", and so the number is used to
reflect the wishes that the rule would last forever."

GO TO Astronomy of the Great Wall of China : The Azure Dragon


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