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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Hydra - See the figure inside?

Sumerian Stars LexiLine? Logo Heliacal Risings
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 Heliacal Star Risings
Sumerian Sons of God List
Sumerian List of Kings - Detailed Analysis

ALULIM is listed first
but represents the Saros Cycle = Valhalla(m).
After this are listed 9 Sons of God in Sumerian
known as Dieva Deli in Latvian

ALULIM  (the Great One)

Sumerian ALULIM (=EN.LIL "god of the air")
ELOHIM, Latvian JELUM (bone mark)
SAHURE (SAROS) hieroglyph of "bone mark"
LIELAJAM (great, high one) EstonianILMA (god of air)
LIEL (large, mighty) HebrewELIA (god)
(To see why Latvian equivalents are used, see the
Sumerian Language, Nostratic,
Hittite, the Latvian Language, Akkadian, Sanskrit and Pharaonic.)


Star ALAGAR (first sprouts of Spring)
House HABUR (seed funnel of the plow)

Aries (ß-Arietis) is the heliacal rising star
at the Spring Equinox in 3800 B.C.
It takes about 66 days for the stars of Orion's Staff
to be the heliacal rising stars.
HABUR = Biblical EBER "in his days was
the earth divided" = Node of the ecliptic.
Why the Staff? The stars of ORION "start" this constellation.
The first Akkadian month Nisannu is the same
as the Sumerian month
Sumerian BAR ("month") is quite obviously HABUR.
BAR as a star is found as Sumerian UR.BAR.RA "the seed funnel"
of the heavenly plow at Aries.
In Pharaonic Egyptian, we have the comparable month PHAR-muthi
at Aries. The Akkadian Nisannu comes from the Sumerian NISAG
"first fruit". In Latvian ZAGAR means "stick, shoot, branch"
BAR is Latvian ABR-, APAR-  "plow".
ZAG.GAR is ALA.GAR so ALA is a mistranscription in Sumerian.


Star KIDUNNU-SAKINKIN (the animals)
House ELLASER (the animal pen)

From the Staff of Orion as the heliacal rising stars
- passing through Canis Major and Sirius - it takes 
about 66 days for Regulus to be the heliacal rising star.

may relate to GU.AN.NA (Taurus, the bull) and Sumerian
CHUN.(GA), the agrarian, who is EN.KI.DU in Akkadian
(Aries > Taurus) and also known as Pap-SUKKAL
"messenger of ORION". Both KI.DU.NNU and EN.KI.DU
may just differ because of faulty transcription.

Sumerian SA-KINKIN probably came down to us as CANIS MAJOR.
(whence the doubled KIN). It is surely retained also in the Manetho as
KENKEN-IS. ELLASER is Latvian (ie)LAIDAR- "animal pen").


Star ...UK? ...KU? (the Lion)
House ELLASER (the animal pen)

From Regulus as the heliacal rising star - passing through LEO -
it takes about 20 days for Denebola to be the heliacal rising star.

Some signs are missing here in the original Sumerian texts,
but in Manetho (Julius Africanus) this term is
as the pre-dynastic God-Pharaoh after KENKENIS.


Star DUMUZI-SIB (Arcturus, SPIca)
House BADTIBIRA (Virgo, fertility)

From Denebola as the heliacal rising star - to Boethos,
Spica and Arcturus- it takes about 26 days for Arcturus
to be the heliacal rising star.

BAD-TI-BIRA is the constellation BOOTES, (BIRA =VIRgo) rendered
by Manetho as
BOETHOS (godly messenger) for a God-Pharaoh.
DUMUZI (TAMMUZ) was the Sumerian fertility god,
originally written in Sumerian as
DAMU.ZID "the flawless young",
which is the Latvian
DZIMU-ZIED "birth blossom".
Werner Papke says that  DUMU.ZI is the "rebirth" of Enkidu. Actually,
it is the node star
across the heavens on the other side (SIB = SPICA),
also written in the texts as Shala (Ishtar AB.SIN), which "rebirths".


House BADTIBIRA (Tibira > Libra, fate)

From Boethos, Arcturus and Spica as the heliacal
rising star - to Vega- it takes about 20 days for Vega
to be the heliacal rising star.

LUANNA is perhaps related to the Latvian term fate,
LAIMA and LAUNA. The related term LYRA represented
the heavenly cemetary, since its full rising means the
death (setting) of the
Pleiades, Hyades, Orion and Sirius
- who were the "chosen" people of God
. We see that ENMEN
is separate element meaning "anti-", "on the other side of"
on the basis of ENMEN.DURANNA below


House LARAK (Lyra, the cemetary, death)

From Vega as the heliacal rising star - to LYRA and
ß-Scorpionis - it takes about 33 days for ß-Scorpionis
(viz. Antares) to be the heliacal rising star.

This nodes  with the staff of the shepherd ENSI.SIBZIANNA,
ENMEN means "anti-", "across from", i.e. ANTI-SIBZIANNA)
identified as Orion by Werner Papke. LARAK thus might be
Sumerian LU.USH or Latvian LIKIS "dead body", region of the deceased.


House SIPPAR (the Stinger of Scorpio)

From Scorpio as the heliacal rising star to the Great Square -
it takes about 66 days for the right upper corner star
of the Great Square to be the heliacal rising star.

The stinger of Scorpio starts here so DURANNA is Latvian DURIEN- "stinger" and SIPPAR is Latvian ZHUBUR- "prong".


Star ARAD-GIN (Arphaxad)
House SHURUPPAK (the Great Square)

From the right edge of the Great Square to the heliacal rising
stars of the diagonal of the Great Square - it takes about 26 days
for the diagonal node stars to be the heliacal rising stars.

ARAD-GIN is ARPHAXAD the right upper corner star of the Great Square
ARVIDS viz. Latvian ARU-VADS is the correct transcription).
SHURUPPAK (Latvian SARGU VAKS = Sarcophag) is the Great Square
otherwise known as ASH.IKU and =
SHUPUK SHAME "protector of heaven".


Star ZIUSUDDU (beta-Arietis, ZEUS !)
House SHURUPPAK (the Great Square)

From the diagonal of the Great Square to the heliacal
rising of ß-Arietis- it takes about 33 days for beta-Arietis
to be the heliacal rising star.

ZIUSUDDU = ZIUSUDRA, the Sumerian name of Noah-Utnapischtim
in the "flood" texts (see Werner Papke, p. 400). Hence, this IS Noah,
astronomically seen. He represents one of the nodes of the ecliptic of heaven,
which occasionally "floods" due to precession. The Sumerian-Akkadian terms for Noah are
UTNA-PISCHTIM, which is Latvian UDENA-PUISITIM (son of the (flood) waters) and its Latvian synonym ZENS-UDRA (i.e UDENA).


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