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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Two ancient sources may tell us what is in the chamber of the Cheops Pyramid:
The Westcar Papyrus and the Qumran Copper Scroll.


The Westcar Papyrus was transcribed and transliterated by Professor Adolf Erman and his reading of a text passage regarding the secret chamber(s) of the Cheops pyramid was "amended" by Sir Alan Gardiner in an article entitled "The Secret Chambers of the Sanctuary of Thoth", quoted in Bauval and Gilbert's The Orion Mystery.

The text passage in the Westcar Papyrus reads, Gardiner first quoting Erman:
" ' Then said king Cheops (namely to Djedi): What of the report, thou knowest the number of the IPWT of the WNT of Thoth? And Djedi said: So please thee, I know not the number thereof, O Sovereign my lord, but I know the place where ... [these are found]. And His Majesty said: Where is that? And Djedi said: There is a box of flint in a room called "Revision" in Heliopolis; [well,] in that box.' In the passages thereafter Djedi declares that it is not he who brings the box (´fdt) to the Pharaoh, but the eldest of the children who are in the womb of Reddjedet. This leads to the well-known episode of the birth of the triplets destined to become the founders of the Fifth Dynasty."


The Qumran Copper Scroll is one of the most important of the "Dead Sea Scrolls". The Copper Scroll was surely made of the metal copper to withstand the passage of time. Thus, it must contain eminently important information, the text of which was clearly "coded" or "encrypted" by the ancients.

The Code-Crippled Copy of the Original Scroll

The first centimeters of the Copper Scroll found at Qumran have been left intentionally blank and various interpreters of the text regard the Qumran Copper Scroll to be a code-crippled copy of the original scroll - which has yet to be found. The original would contain the "code-key" lines.

We find that the Qumran Copper Scroll
contains a Passage from the Westcar Papyrus

Qumran Text Passage in Hebrew according to Paul Mandel

According to Paul Mandel, the Qumran Copper Scroll has a text passage similar to that found in the Westcar Papyrus. We agree. This text passage can be found in Revue de Qumran - (no. 61, XVI, September 1993, Letouzey et Ane, 87, bd Raspail, 75006 Paris) "On The 'Duplicate Copy' of the Copper Scroll (3Q15)" by Paul Mandel This important passage is a Hebrew phrase found on the Copper Scroll which may relate to the Cheops Secret Chamber. It reads (transcribed):


The Translation of the above Passage according to J.T. Milik

According to the accepted reading (in French) of J.T. Milik, the above text passage is to be read as "un examplaire de ce document-ci, avec l'explanation, les mesures et l'inventaire detaille" which means in English, "a copy of the document with explanation, measure and inventory of details" (source: J.T. Milik, "Le rouleau de cuivre provenant de la grotte 3Q (3Q15)" Discoveries in the Judaean Desert of Jordan, Volume III: Les "petites grottes" de Qumran (Oxford: Clarendon, 1962).)

Prior Text Passage Translation by A. Wolters

Prior to Milik, A. Wolters in "The Lost Treasure of the Copper Scroll", Journal of Biblical Literature 107 (1988), interpreted the Hebrew term MSHHWTYHM initially as a word found in Exodus 40,15 and meaning "consecrated portions (of the sons of Aaron)" but later thought it meant "anointing oils". A. Wolters, "The Copper Scroll and the Vocabulary of Mishnaic Hebrew", Revue de Qumran, no. 55, XIV (1990). [we find Wolters was right - these consecrated portions of Aaron AND oils were found in the Valley of Kings in the Tomb of Tutankhamun].

Wolters also reads the disputed word (W)PRWT together with the text element KL as related in sense to Greek protokollon, i.e. meaning "protocol".

Lastly, Wolters interprets the full text of the Copper Scroll here to mean that there is a duplicate copy of the scroll somewhere - with an "interpretative key", together with sacred items or anointing oil and a protocol appended to the scroll.

Variant Reading of the Text Passage by Paul Mandel

Mandel interprets the text of the Copper Scroll to mean either "a duplicate of this document and its list (of treasures): their measurements and the amount of each one" or, more likely, "a duplicate of this document: the specification (geographic location of each treasure), their measurements and the amount of each one."

The Text of the Westcar Papyrus

Here again is the Hebrew Text of the Copper Scroll:
The Pharaonic Westcar Papyrus uses the Egyptologist's falsely transcribed IPWT in the position of the Qumran WPRWT. Moreover, in the original Egyptian text, this Pharaonic hieroglyph is undisputedly preceded by the determinative of the "cylinder seal". This determinative sign means in fact simply "metal cylinder seal" - here - the cylinder of the "COPPER SCROLL".

Interpretation by Andis Kaulins of the Text Passage in Hebrew
Using the Westcar Papyrus Text of Pharaonic Egypt

The Qumran text indicates:

1) the "key" to decode the Qumran Copper Scroll is found on the "original" of this Copper Scroll - and, according to the Westcar Papyrus, this original copper scroll must be found in the Pyramid of Cheops in the room of the "revision" (actually, the hieroglyph reads room of "Sirius", but "calendric revision" is also correct)

2) the original copper scroll may be found together with another treasure and a decoded guide to the location of many other treasures buried in the stone blocks of the Great Pyramids or in the Valley of Kings or elsewhere - treasures which are clearly identified in the Mishnayot.


A copper (metal) scroll (i.e. "cylinder" seal) may be found in the secret chamber of Cheops with a "guide" to the treasures buried in the stones of the Great Pyramids or elsewhere (e.g. Valley of Kings). (Note: The Westcar Papyrus has hieroglyphs which we find to read PA-VA-DO-NIS TA-M , which is identical to Latvian "the guide to that", i.e. an "unraveling" of the code in the Copper Scroll - the "code" of which is missing at the top of the Copper Scroll found at Qumran.) The people at Qumran were the last of the Pharaonic Hebrew priests, who had salvaged as much of Pharaonic knowledge as they could over the centuries.
These traditionalist zealots then met their end at Masada.


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