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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Hydra - See the figure inside?

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LexiLine - A Renaissance in Learning

The Geographic Location of the Astronomical
Measurements made by the Biblical Patriarchs
[Update: Was this Gobekli Tepe? viz. Göbekli Tepe]

Independent Proof

One of the remarkable developments in the discovery of the
star realms of the Patriarchs and Pharaohs was a contribution
recently by
William T. Walker III indicating that this system
could only have originated at about 42.5° latitude, at a line
which runs right through the middle of the Black Sea.

This correlates with other research.

The Black Sea Flood ca. 5500 BC

Ryan and Pitman have recently argued that the Black Sea Flood
ca. 55500 BC was the probable Great Flood of Noah,
which had forced the Black Sea inhabitants
to flee and to spread their culture elsewhere.
Wherever they moved, they took their astronomy
and the astro-data about their ancient forbears with them

William T. Walker wrote on 22.January 1999:

I see the following problems:


1) Does it seem plausible that such an important correlation
would be used in scripture that would only be a valid
observation/correlation for an observer living in a very
narrow band, perhaps only 50-60 miles wide (north-south),
on either side of latitude 42.5 degrees north?


2) Even if your scheme were used by the antediluvian patriarchs
living in the Black Sea basin, it would not be valid after the flood
as the postdiluvian patriarchs spread out across Mesopotamia
further to the south. Would the scheme change as the latitude
of the observer changed over time?

Answer of 26.January 1999 by Andis Kaulins



One will perhaps find that one can not stick to such a narrow range
of latitude that precisely, since the heliacal rising of stars on the part of
the ancients was not accurate to a plus/minus error of only 1 day.

For example, the Babylonian MUL.APIN tablets of the heliacal rising
of stars (in the British Museum) are plus/minus 5 days according to
Werner Papke (in Die Sterne von Babylon, "The Stars of Babylon".)

For such large stars as Sirius, the calculation of the heliacal rising
would also depend on exactly when one judges the star to have "risen"
- this can differ by quite a few days.

Lastly, perhaps one major observation point was always used over a
long period of time - e.g. some mountain such as Ararat - near Lake Van
(said to be the home of the Chaldean astronomers and where the "Ark"
of heaven was said to rest) was used.

But maybe they had an
observatory like Stonehenge on the Black Sea plain.

[Note that I made this suggestion before the megaliths found at Gobekli Tepe were publicized some years later -- and there is little doubt in my mind that these "temples" were the foundation of measuring astronomy in the Ancient Near East. However, I think they are dated too far back by current radiocarbon dates, so there may be some kind of error there in mainstream dating. Gobekli Tepe is located at 37.2233°N 38.9224°E.]

2. Would the scheme change as the latitude
of the observer changed over time?


This system of heliacal risings is an "integrated system",
first necessarily conceived and created at one location.
This must have occurred prior to the deification of later historical kings,
whose reigns, kingdoms or generations
were then applied to the stellar phenomena
previously known and deriving from the initial astronomical system.


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