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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Hydra - See the figure inside?

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LexiLine - A Renaissance in Learning

The Steve Burdic
Phaistos Page
An astronomical interpretation

This astronomical interpretation of the REASON for the mathematical problem
in the Phaistos Disk was sent to Andis Kaulins on 02.10.98  for publication by
Steve Burdic who wrote as follows:


"This the fourth explanation of the meaning of the disk that I have come across (the parallel line conundrum). I feel they all have some truth to them
(except for the one in Russian that I can't read)."

"My current fantasy is examining the pattern of shadows that are thrown by the sun at the extremes of its cycle on the solstices. Your explanation gave a diagram of the whole cycle, complete for corrections due to latitude."


"If one places a pole in the ground and marks the extremes of the shadows in a years time, an X is formed when the winter solstice sunrise (wsr) shadow is connected with the summer solstice sunset (sss)shadow and the summer solstice sunrise (ssr) shadow is connected with the winter solstice sunset (wss) shadow. The winter solstice sunrise and sunset points on the horizon form a parallel line south of the east/west line (the equinox) and the summer solstice sunrise and sunset points form a line north of the east/west line."

"Since this is hard to picture in words, I will refer to your diagram.
The parallel lines B, C and D refer to the summer solstice, equinox
and winter solstice lines respectively."

"The angle formed from the center of the circle out to a point on the outside parallel lines (B and C) marked by line f and g is the X shaped figure you get when connecting the wsr to the sss and ssr to the wss. That angle is dependent on the latitude. The closer you get to the equator, the smaller the angle-Egypt is 46 deg. The farther north you go the larger the angle. Jefferson City, MO is 60 deg., Stonehenge is 100 deg. As with your diagram, we are measuring azimuth. Take your compass in Jefferson City and look at the Summer Solstice sunrise. It happens at 60 deg. east of north (30 deg north of east). As the sun goes south in the winter, the Solstice sunrise standstill is at 120 deg. (30 deg. south of east)."

"The sunsets follow the same pattern-winter solstice sunset at 240 deg. (30 deg. south of west) and the summer solstice sunset
at 300 deg (30 degrees north of west)."

"One interesting phenomenon is the decision of where your observation point is.
Any point along the X from the ends of the X to the center works just as well in
observing the actual sunrise/sunset. This means that distant points can be
incorporated into a system of observer and observed points along the landscape.
Since the landscape offers a multiplicity of observation points in many locations,
a series of X's can be imagined across the landscape. The effect of this pattern
results in the generation of X' and diamond shapes:"

"This pattern is found in decorations all over the globe (indian sun wheel, mandalas, stonehenge etc.) I believe this pattern of observation is old enough to enter the genetic memory of our species and has been partly responsible for the development of our cognitive abilities. It works on a global scale since the lines are not taken to an infinite length. I believe this reasoning power was enough to determine the roundness of the earth and its circumference, hence the distance to the sun etc. In Missouri we have indian mounds that mark the observation/observed points along the length of the Missouri River. Many Mississippian era towns are laid out on similar patterns including Cahokia, a city of 30,000 people in 900 AD."
"I have to think that part of the message you uncovered
relates to the cycle of the sun over the year.
The other descriptions that I have read are directly calendrical
referencing the days of the year, venus cycles etc.
and the Isis, Osiris, Horus, Set story
(also calendrical [seasonal] in some aspects)."

I sign with an,


Steve writes further:

"I am working on the idea that latitude can be determined by the angle of the X.
Your explanation of the meaning of the disk has really got me thinking about
issues like the shape of the universe (do the parallel lines extended to
"infinity" make a neat half turn and return from the opposite direction,
connecting to their opposite pair like a moebus strip). Seen from the side
would it appear that the lines converge or cross when they only are
twisting. This raises all kinds of interesting questions about imaginary
points, lines, planes and solids. Since they are the basis of geometry (and
magic) what is the possibility of communication with words? Maybe all we
ever had was body language (where does this leave us with email?)"

As above, so below.



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Count all those stones?

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Studying Ancient Britain
in the Cotswolds in 2000

Deciphering megalithic sites History of Civilization
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