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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Hydra - See the figure inside?

The Trojan War LexiLine? Logo and Sea Peoples
LexiLine - A Renaissance in Learning

The Trojan War 
Invasion of the Sea Peoples into Egypt

This is one possible explanation
for some aspects of the Trojan War.
I developed this some years ago,
and think some of the essentials to be correct,
though I have changed my view, for example,
of where Troy was located.

SEE especially
Man's History is a question of EVIDENCE:
Where was Troy? Where did Paris take Helen of Troy?
Greece & the Origins of Writing in Western Civilization.


Below are some of my
earlier theories about the Trojan War.

The initial victory of Solomon (as Ramses II)
over Babylon (and the Kassites) in the battle of Kadesh
was made to naught by Shishak after Ramses II death.

Shishak invaded Egypt and then became Ramses III, building a
Babylonian migdol and looting the temples.

Prior to that Shishak slyly helped Merenptah in the Trojan War.

After the death of Sethnacht (Orestes) - as explained below,
Shishak took the throne as Ramses III and
repelled the subsequent retaliatory "invasion of the Sea Peoples".
Let es examine the fact that the scholars point out that
the Hyksos were driven OUT of Egypt  - TO where?
It is remarkable that scholars do not ask such questions.

 The Kassite takeover of power in Babylon in ca. 1570 BC
is chronologically in sync to the Hyksos being driven out of Egypt,
also occurring at this very same time.
Also their subsequent LOSS of power in Babylon (battle of Kadesh)
- ca. 420 years later - is congruent to Biblical history.

According to the Bible, 420 years is the period of time
which Israel spent in Egypt - equivalent to the time elapsed -
according to accepted chronology this would be the time lapse

from Ahmose I (Joshua) to Ramses III.
Ramses III was in our view the infamous Shishak.
The cartouche of Ramses III correctly reads Sh-Sh-K. 

Indeed, the Harem Conspiracy Papyrus of Ramses III
is quite similar to the subsequently retold and copied
conspiracies assigned to the Biblical Pekah and Hosea.

Here we have a ca. 420-year chronological error between
Biblical and Pharaonic chronology at that point.

The famous Harris Papyrus of the period of Ramses III
provides us with a catalogue of Pharaonic wealth taken from
the Temples by Shishak (Ramses III).

This was also the period of the Trojan War,
in which,  the king Agamemnon (or Memnon) is Biblical Rehoboam,
and identical to the Pharaoh now call Merenptah,
who destroyed Troy,
but was then murdered by Aegisthus (heqawaset - Amenmesse) and
Agamemnon´s wife Clytemn-estra (Tau-sret setep-en-mut), only
to be avenged by Agamemnon´s son ORESTES
(as a boy his hieroglyph was Setoy II,
as a grown man Sethnacht - the hieroglyph reads R-R-STR-S),
who was succeeded by Ramses III,
builder of Babylonian migdols in Egypt.

That the Trojan War occurred, with disastrous results for Troy,
is verified by the fact that Troy was abandoned from ca. 1100
to 700 BC. It had been burned to the ground.

The legend tells, however, that the Trojans under Aeneas
fled to Italy and founded Rome as the "Etruscans" (Etru=Troy).
The rest of the Hebrews went into Babylonian captivity.
The previous Pharaonic and Hebrew GADOL, the High Priest,
ultimately became the CATHOL- as in Catholic - later the Pope..
Etruscan "mummies" appear at this time.

The Roman Catholic Church thus became the
successor to Troy and the Pharaohs.

Indeed, ancient legend recounts that many Western
nations including those of the Brits and Franks
were founded by the former families of Troy.


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