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Ancient Signs

Ancient Signs

The Alphabet & the Origins of Writing

My new print & ebook
shows that modern alphabets are based on ancient alphabets rooted in syllabic scripts of the ancient world (Sumer, Egypt, Iran, Anatolia, Crete, Cyprus)

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Hydra - See the figure inside?

Astrology  Statistics LexiLine? Logo Birth of Eminent Persons

LexiLine - A Renaissance in Learning

LexiLine has a lot to do with ancient astronomy
so that it is natural that we also took a serious statistical view
of the days of birth of famous and eminent persons.

Astrology brings astronomy "down to earth" as it were
and tries to make celestial bodies "relevant" to human life.
Such a motivation is understandable.

We have in the interim farmed that material out
to our blog on Astrology and Birth
but retain the original pages at LexiLine for those who use them.

A Serious Look

from a Statistical Point of View

A statistical study of all the famous people
in the Encyclopaedia Britannica,
1974 edition.

Rank of the Astrological Signs by Field of Fame
Aries 1st place Arts













Distribution of Famous Persons by Month of Birth













Total Number of  Famous Persons
by Field of Eminence
in the Encyclopaedia Britannica
(Macropaedia and Micropaedia)

Total Ranking by Signs

Distribution of  Famous Persons by 
Astrological Sign and Field of Eminence

Evaluation of the Data by

Statistical Methods
(Chi-Square, etc.)

Relation of the Data to
Annual Fluctuations
(daylight, temperature, geomagnetic activity)

Relation of the Data to Long-Term Cycles, the
Kondratieff (Kondratiev) Saros Cycle

Some outside research by Kop and Heuts on
Marriage Partners and Month of Birth

This is the first of many fun but serious pages about a mass of
astrological statistics we have compiled.

Astronomers unknowingly malign astrology.

Humans have always tried to reach for the stars
and bring them to an understandable human level.
This is what astrology does it makes the stars "relevant".

The general conception of scientists that all of astrology is bunk,

has not been empirically proven, either one way or the other.

The geneticists and physicists tell us we are all formed of particles
so small that we can not even see them, so why should there be
no influence exerted by large and visible heavenly bodies, such as
the Moon, which is powerful enough to create ocean tides?
Are our fluids immune? We consist of 90% water.

And yet, a number of years ago, a number of Nobel Prize Winners
signed a document stating that Astrology had no foundation in fact
A poor showing by the Nobel Laureates. VERY UNSCIENTIFIC.

Upon hearing this, I bet a colleague (an astrology opponent)
a bottle of champagne that an empirical study of the birth dates
of famous persons would show statistically significant deviations.
I won the wager.

The scientific, empirical evidence - this sample - consists of
the dates of birth of history's most famous persons.
It totals 11,439 men and women from the year 1400 to the year 1974
as listed in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Micropaedia, 1974 edition.

Of course, the day of birth itself
can not be an operative determining factor for
any alleged differences among humans,
but the varying periods of foetal (fetal) development
- depending on the date of conception -
could have some influence on the vigor of an organism
(and the various developing parts of the organism),
judging by the fact that toxic pharmaceutical drugs
such as thalidomide have been shown to exert a teratogenic influence
in various ways depending on when the drug was taken during pregnancy.

Excessive radiation can also lead to teratogenicity,
showing how environmental influences can impact the growth of an organism.

Similarly, defects such as stunted growth
and a variety of disorders can be caused by malnutrition,
also prior to birth, in the period of foetal development.

Not all parts of the human organism develop at the same time in the womb,
so that influences during the foetal period could be time-dependent,
even affecting the time-dependent development of blood vessels, etc.,
to various parts of the foetus,
which could lead to some differences in the final "birth" product
based on the date of conception and the subsequent period of development.

Hence, environmental events
(even simply climate, heat and cold, etc.)
could play a role in early development  of an organism
-- and the date of birth could reflect some of that --
since persons born on similar dates are arguably exposed
in similar regions to similar influences during the period of pregnancy.

In any case, that material has all been moved to
Astrology and Birth.

It is a lot of fun,
but please do not take it too seriously,
even if many serious people on this planet do use astrology,
both in their personal and business lives.
It is still an essential part of some cultures.
Nevertheless, too little serious research
has been conducted on these matters
to draw any probative conclusions
for our modern age.

Most certainly the actual date of birth
is not the operative "event"
for differences between people.

Genetics, for example,
is demonstrably dominant
as to our actual person.

Two identical twins
are genetically identical,
and yes,
even though they have the same birth date,
their similarity is due to their identical genes,
and not to the stars or planets.

Hence, astrology remains simple fun,
and please regard it is as such and no more.

Given a fairly normal child,
it is up to that child to make his way on this Earth,
as that child reaches infancy, childhood, puberty, adolescence and adulthood,
and the course of a man's or woman's life
is in large part every man's or woman's own doing.

One can not causally applaud or blame heaven
for what happens
in the course of a lifetime.

It is important to accept
personal responsibility
for one's own life.

Your life is
what YOU make of it.

Chance and circumstance
play a role too, of course,
but putting your fate in
the hands of stars or planets
is something that is a
question of personal beliefs
and superstitions and not something
supported by facts or
serious science.

"Belief" is the
of knowledge.


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